Friday, July 31, 2009

Alice in Wonderland PARTY IDEAS

I LOVE Alice in Wonderland!! So does my little girl. I recently added this Alice version of my apron dress. This is a great birthday party dress, but it is casual enough to wear everyday!!

Last year I had a Mad Tea Party for my little girls 3rd birthday. I spent 2 years doing research and planning. I will share some of my ideas with you.
My husband made a Cheshire Cat pinata. I made goodie bags filled with a mini tea set, cheshire inspired lolipop, bubbles and mini wax bottles with a "drink Me" tag on it. I also had a long table and made a tea party for all of the little girls. I made little tea sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters and fruit skewers(toothpicks). I bought kids tea sets and made a setting for each girl. I also made little cupcakes.
I found these cute cupcakes on Fancy Flours, I wish that I had seen them sooner. They would have been perfect. I also have a matching Alice doll dress that makes a great gift. Here is a link to see it:


  1. I just came across your blog, those aprons are too cute :) Love the cupcakes too. Catherine

  2. oh my gosh Im in love with your blog and your handmade creations are sooooooooo cute! Oh my gosh!!! You are so talented

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  3. I am so interested to inquire how you obtained the huge tea cup that your little girl is in. I have been trying to locate one for my daughter’s 14th Alice and Wonderland B-day party and I have had no luck in obtaining one. Could you let me know where you located yours? Please email me write me at Thank You. Alice Fan